Martin’s Top Tip’s were born in the run up to the World Scout Moot in Iceland in 2017.  Martin began sharing his experiences of the various events he’d been to, in an attempt to help those on their first event, or even to add something to the Moot for those who had done some before.  He shared his thoughts and experiences with the contingent, talking about everything from “friends and relationships” to the inevitable “Post Moot Blues”

Given the glowing success of that series, ran in the UK Contingent Self Help Group as a series of Facebook posts, he decided, with a few friends (one of whom he would later propose to!) to go “professional”.  With the 24th World Scout Jamboree is being held in North America in 2019, they set up this website and began throwing their self confessed wisdom around the internet.

Now, as the World Scout Moot approaches in Ireland 2022, Martin is dusting off the website and starting to think about what pearls of wisdom to share for this event.

The articles and posts shared here are entirely the author(s) own opinion(s) and may not represent the view of The Scouts, The UK Contingent and/or its Contingent Management Team.  In the first instance please refer to the UK Contingent FAQ and any official guidance issued by the UK Contingent and/or its Contingent Management Team.  Whilst the authors have a lot of experience, and friends in high (and arguably low) places, they have been wrong on occasion…

All articles and posts are entirely the author(s)’s own work, unless otherwise stated, and may not be replicated or repeated (in full or in part) without the author’s expressed written permission.  To seek this, please contact the author(s).

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